When It Comes To Long Term Investing, Is A Low Cost Index Option Too Good To Ignore?





Disclaimer: Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.  Always seek advice from your professional adviser before comparing investment options and making investment decisions.

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In Good Times And In Bad, A Little Wisdom From The Experts Might Make All The Difference!

When it comes to investing, there are a number of basic principles that can potentially assist in making the experience a more successful one.

At The Financial Advice Shop we believe that “wisdom” is potentially a very important factor in successful long term investing and so do the experts.  To learn more, take the time to read the following article:


ABOUT THE FINANCIAL ADVICE SHOP:  We are a leading, independent and experienced provider of strategic financial planning solutions for the over 50’s with a specific focus on strategy and cost effective long term investment solutions.


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Disclaimer: The information in this post is of a general nature only and has been provided without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs.  No representation is given, warranty made or responsibility taken about the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information. Because of this, we recommend you consider, with the assistance of a financial adviser, whether the information is appropriate in light of your particular needs and circumstances.

Will The Banking Royal Commission Mean The End Of Aligned Financial Advice From The Bank’s And Other Large Institutions?

It is probably a big mistake to assume that because a financial adviser is not licenced by one of the major banks that there is not a major conflict of interest with the products they recommend.

Consumers who receive financial advice have never had a better time to consider their options as the Royal Commission puts a very clear focus on bank and institutional financial advice licencing, and the potentially major conflicts of interests with their products.

There are many large financial advice institutions who have their own Australian Financial Services Licence and also have a major conflict of interest with the products they continue to recommend and profit from.

There are potentially only three questions that consumers need to initially ask their financial adviser:

  1. Are you licenced by one of the major banks, AMP or another major institution?
  2. Do you or your Licencee profit in any way through profit sharing from any of the products you may recommend?
  3. Are you permitted to call yourself an Independent Financial Adviser?

The problem for most financial advice consumers is that they don’t have a point of reference.  It is almost impossible for consumers to read through 100’s of pages of disclosure documents in order to find a few sentences that explain how the financial advice they are receiving is potentially materially conflicted.

People instinctively want to trust others but sadly this is not a sound strategy as it turns your financial future into a lottery: you might get lucky and find a great financial adviser or you might not.

A far sounder strategy is to seek a second or third opinion and from that process work out the questions you really need to ask and have answered.

If the Royal Commission hasn’t motivated you to take action and get a second opinion or third opinion then I’m not sure what will.  If you don’t take an interest in your own affairs, rest assured no one else will either.

They say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If this sounds like you then it’s probably time for you to stop doing what you have always done with your financial advice affairs and instead explore ways to do things proactively and very differently for better results.

At The Financial Advice Shop there is something very important that differentiates us from our so called competitors: not only are we an Independent provider of Financial Advice, we don’t want to be known for being big, we want to be known for being awesome so our clients are never just a number.

HOT TIP:  The need for honest, practical and Independent financial advice has never been greater, so if you are over 50 and have significant wealth, contact The Financial Advice Shop without delay to see if we can assist with a cost effective Financial Advice Health Check to ensure you better understand all of your future superannuation investment options.

ABOUT THE FINANCIAL ADVICE SHOP:  We are a leading, independent and experienced provider of strategic financial planning solutions for the over 50’s with a specific focus on cost effective investment options, and uncovering and explaining your current financial advice conflicts of interest.


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Make 2016 The Year You Stop Making Other People Rich And Start Taking An Interest In Your Financial Advice Future!

If you studied your financial advice affairs very closely and knew what to look out for, you might be astounded at how many people and organisations silently benefit from your investments in ways you have not thought possible.

Every dollar that someone discretely takes from your superannuation as a fee, commission or other payment is a dollar less for you to spend in retirement. Additionally, you shouldn’t think you can rely on The Future Of Financial Advice (FOFA) Legislation to protect you because it almost certainly will not.

If this topic strikes a nerve with you then it’s time you stopped thinking about it and started doing something about it. If you suspect your fees are too high then it’s definitely time for you to do something about it.

What should you do next? It’s really simple: if you have a reasonable superannuation balance and wish to cost effectively invest with sound financial advice for a more secure financial future, contact us today to see how we can help you understand things more clearly.


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Looking For A Complimentary Financial Advice Newsletter?

To download a complimentary copy of our Winter 2015 financial advice and financial planning newsletter, click on the following link to visit our website and download it from there.



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Women And Superannuation: It’s Time For Some Serious Girl Power!

The Australian Taxation Office recently noted that women retire with significantly less superannuation than men.  It is therefore very important for women to take early and proactive action, as it is too late to be worrying about your superannuation when you are approaching retirement.

It is estimated that approximately 90% of women retire with inadequate super and that men retire with around $90,000 more in superannuation than women.

Approximately 250,000 workers also miss out on employer superannuation contributions on their employment earnings because they fail to earn $450 per month.  Of the 250,000, a large percentage of them are likely to be women.

Part of the solution could be to find ways to make additional contributions to your superannuation.  Either salary sacrifice or personal superannuation contributions could be considered depending on circumstances, along with other options like splitting superannuation with your partner.

A small contribution every month over a very long period of time can make a huge difference to your superannuation balance at retirement.  Also, regularly making a personal contribution where it qualifies for the Government Co-contribution can also help.

Another possible part of the solution could be to make a conscious choice in selecting your superannuation fund.  If you use your employer’s nominated superannuation fund, make sure it is cost effective and that you understand how it is being invested.

HOT TIP:  Don’t make the mistake of not thinking about your retirement because it is still a long way away.  Like any important goal, the sooner you start planning and taking action, the greater your ultimate chance of success!



If You Receive Financial Planning Advice, Mortgage Advice, Or Insurance Advice From A Business That Also Owns Or Has A Financial Interest In The Product, Are You Guaranteed The Best Deal?

We know from experience that it might be very convenient to receive a number of services from one organisation and to also use their products, but the reality is you may do much better by shopping around.

If you are unsure if your adviser or their business has an interest in the product being recommended, carefully read the disclosure section of your written advice.  This exercise may surprise you.

Hot Tip: Always shop around and test the market with a few service and product providers before making a final decision to purchase or invest in anything.