Why Trying To Time The Share Market Can Be A Really Dumb Idea!!

Investing and financial advice is often about making sensible and informed decisions, and for most people it should not be about major speculation.

In recent months I have been amazed at the number of new client discussions I have had where their investments have been in cash. In some cases they have been invested in cash since the Global Financial Crisis when they sold out in a panic, and in other cases it has been for the last year or two because they were concerned share markets were about to correct.  In all cases they have missed out on a substantial return on their investments because they have taken an extreme position without advice.

I am certainly not saying that 2018 is not without significant share market risks but there is a lot of value to be gained through seeking assistance before you make decisions.  Once you have made an extreme investment decision and got it wrong, it is much harder to then decide what to do next.

It is very normal to be concerned or excited about investments from time to time and at those times there is always a question about how to manage the situation. Think carefully before you commit to a high risk binary solution: all in or all out.  It is often far better to modestly adjust the cash levels in your investments over time in consultation with your adviser, to sensibly manage the situation and to give you more options down the track.

If you are foolish enough to be in a set and forget investment and have accepted the default position on your level of risk, you may have made a poor choice. Your investment portfolio manager is certainly not going to consider your individual needs or concerns as they invest on behalf of thousands of other investors with a ten or twenty year investment horizon.  If you want a tailored outcome you need to be proactive and initiate sensible changes to your portfolio that are right for you.

At the end of the day, share markets are more a measure of fear and greed. When investors are fearful share markets tend to fall and when investors are greedy share markets tend to rise.  Unfortunately for many investors they tend to follow the herd and make decisions at the extremes in the investment cycle, and the outcome is not always ideal.

Hot Tip: Everyone’s financial situation is different so now might be a good time for you and your Financial Adviser to review and understand the risks you are taking with your investments.  In periods of share market volatility and uncertainty, nervousness can result in wealth passing from weak hands to strong hands so make sure you have a plan for how you will respond to a share market correction as it will come eventually.

We do not agree to help everyone but if you feel you need a second opinion on your superannuation and financial position, contact The Financial Advice Shop to see if we can add value.


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