Not All Industry Super Funds Are Super!

Don’t be fooled by sales and marketing into believing all industry super funds are created equally. They most certainly are not!

It is a very big job to analyse them all and we have not done that but we have looked at a number of them for the most expensive ones we could find in both super and pension.

We have decided not to name the most expensive industry super and industry pension accounts we found, but you can be assured they are very expensive by our standards.

For a “Balanced” fund with $50,000 invested, the most expensive industry fund account we found for either super or pension was $1,115 p.a. (2.23% p.a.) which seems very expensive to us!

HOT TIP: Don’t be fooled by industry fund sales and marketing. The need for honest and practical financial advice has never been greater, so contact The Financial Advice Shop without delay to see if we can assist with a cost effective Financial Advice Health Check to ensure you better understand all of your future superannuation contribution and investment options.

Disclaimer: information current at time of publication but is subject to change without notice so accuracy is not guaranteed.

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