Don’t Let Your Future Retirement Concerns Become A Miserable Reality!!

Imagine a 30 year retirement where you couldn’t afford to enjoy yourself? No one would actively plan for this outcome but sadly it is a reality for a very large number of retirees. Don’t let this happen to you.

Relying on your employer’s superannuation contributions and holding your hand out at retirement for an Age Pension in the hope that this will make everything OK is a very poor choice. A far better outcome is to make smart investment decisions, save tax effectively through voluntary superannuation contributions in a low fee environment over many years and as a result make yourself 100% financially self sufficient in retirement. It really is time for everyone to start taking more responsibility for their retirement outcomes.

When it comes to achieving a comfortable retirement, making additional tax effective superannuation contributions over long periods of time is critical. The greater your retirement expectations, the more you need to do to ensure you achieve your goals. If you are planning to have less than $1,000,000 in investments (excluding the family home) at retirement you are probably setting your sights too low.

If you are starting to think about your retirement, or know you should be planning for your retirement, it is time to start taking action with a trusted financial planning advice discussion to “see what’s possible”.

HOT TIP: The need for honest, transparent and practical financial planning advice has never been greater, so contact The Financial Advice Shop without delay. To get things started, we offer a very cost effective Financial Advice Health Check discussion to ensure you can access our experience to understand all of your fees and future superannuation investment strategy options.

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