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Ever Wished You Could Get A Glimpse Of Your Future?

The Australian Treasury Department has recently released the 2015 Intergeneration Report and it contains some interesting reading. It is a report that has the Government very worried and we should all have a think about its key findings and how it might affect us.

Some of the key observations, findings and projections are as follows:

The ratio of people working to those of retirement age is projected to continue to decline significantly. In 1974/75 the ratio of 15-64 year olds to those over age 65 was 7.3 to 1. By 2054/54 it is projected to be just 2.7 to 1.

In 2055, the average life expectancy for a male is expected to be 95.1 and for a female it will be 96.6.

Those over 85 will increase from current 2.0% of the population to 4.9% in 2055.

There were 122 Centenarians in 1972, there are currently 5,000 and in 2055 there will be over 40,000!

One question everyone should be asking themselves is how will I fund my retirement if I live to a ripe old age? Imagine of you were to live to be 100! Unfortunately, most people will run out of money if they do not start saving earlier and start planning to retire later.


  • Tip#1. Make sure you budget well, set goals early for your retirement and constantly review them. If your goals cannot be achieved then decide early what to prioritise.
  • Tip#2. Every time you seek advice or assistance ask yourself: is this person a professional or a salesperson?
  • Tip#3. Look closely at the tax effectiveness of your investments and make sure you are not paying high fees and commissions to people you do not even know or for services you do not need.
  • Tip#4. When you are making plans for the future always consider what can go wrong and develop an appropriate exit strategy.
  • Tip#5. Planning on the Age Pension being your retirement income plan is a very poor choice.
  • Tip#6. Make smart decisions every day of the week and always remember: nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm!

The full 2015 Intergeneration Report is available via the following link (most may find the Executive Summary is sufficient to paint the picture for them):