Make 2015 Your Year For Sound Financial Planning Advice!

Most people fail to maximise their opportunities because they fail to plan. Don’t let this happen to you in 2015.

Financial Planning is about a long term relationship between you and your Financial Adviser. It should involve low investment and superannuation fees, and sound financial advice involving your most important goals.

It has been our experience over the last decade or so that many people make little mistakes on a regular basis and over time this diminishes their overall financial position. Often this is simply an outcome of not knowing what your best options are.

If you are serious about taking steps to improve your financial position, we are serious about having a conversation with you to see how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you in 2015.

Hot Tip: The sooner you seek sound financial advice and start making plans for the future, the sooner you will reap the significant financial rewards associated with long term financial planning advice.


The Savings From A Plummeting Oil Price Mean You Should Think About Your Super!

It’s easy to pocket the savings from a falling oil price when you are filling up your car and then find something to spend those savings on.  Unfortunately, many people will waste the opportunity and spend the savings at the Boxing Day sales.

It’s expected that Australian’s will spend around $2 Billion this year at the Boxing Day Sales.  In anyone’s language, that’s a lot of money but not as much as the $14 Billion the Tax Office currently holds in Lost Super.

When you are handing over your hard earned savings at the Boxing Day sales, remember that for every $100 you spend, you could have contributed much more than that to your super via salary sacrifice if you are on a reasonable income.

Hot Tip:  The sooner you get some sound advice and start making regular voluntary contributions to your commission free super account in a tax effective way, the sooner you will reap the significant long term rewards.


Have You Struggled All Year To Find Time To Consider Your Financial Planning Needs?

Now is your opportunity to take action and talk to a Certified Financial Planner!

It is a well know fact that most people lead very busy lives and do not always have time to properly consider and plan for their financial future.

During the Christmas period when most businesses close down for a few weeks, The Financial Advice Shop will be continuing to take calls, answer your emails and make appointments. If this is the opportunity you need to start planning for the future, call today to see how we can help you.

With low fees and sound advice, we are the Central Coast Financial Planning specialists.


Are Percentage Based Investment, Financial Advice and Superannuation Fees Your Enemy?

Fact:  Many Australian investors pay a variety of percentage based fees for their investments and/or advice.

The investor takes all of the risk but when an investment has a substantial increase in value over time, it is an absolute bonanza for anyone receiving a percentage based fee.

A percentage based fee is a huge drag on investment performance and a can cost ordinary people many tens of thousands of dollars over their investment lifetime.

Hot Tip:  It is possible to negotiate or achieve a fixed or capped fee for a part or all of your investment and financial advice fees.  The sooner you review and where possible restructure your current investments and fees, the sooner you will have more money to spend on things in retirement.


With Extraordinary Sharemarket Volatility Comes Extraordinary Investment Opportunity!

When you and your financial adviser are considering your long term investment opportunities, it is very important to consider investment opportunities in the future that might present better value than today.

During periods of investment volatility, it has been our experience that wealth tends to be transferred from weak hands to strong hands. From novices to professionals.

If you invest fully from day one then you have no strategic investment opportunity to consider in the future when investment volatility strikes.

Hot Tip: Keeping some cash in reserve for future investment opportunities is a great idea to discuss with your financial adviser.