It’s A Great Strategy By The Banks But It Is One You Must Think Very Carefully About!!

When you visit a bank to discuss your borrowing arrangements you will almost certainly be exposed to a marketing opportunity about your super, insurance and seeing a bank financial planner. It is a discussion you should think very carefully about.

Certainly have a listen to what they have to say, but then do your own research and seek a second opinion before making any final decisions from a financial planner who does not accept commissions. Insurance premiums, for example are up to 30% cheaper if commissions are fully rebated.




Ask Your Financial Adviser If It Is Better To Repay Your Home Loan Or Invest Elsewhere?

Home loan interest rates are currently at historic lows.  A common question currently being asked is whether it is better to keep making additional repayments to a home loan or to reduce those payments and invest the additional payments elsewhere?

While the correct answer to this question depends on a number of variables, it is a great question to be thinking about.

From our experience, many people make little investment mistakes on a regular basis and over time this erodes their financial position. Don’t let this happen to you!!


If You’re Selling Residential Property In A Hot Property Market, Don’t Forget To Ask Your Financial Adviser About Strategies To Manage Capital Gains Tax!!

If you are not familiar with how capital gains tax works, the following link to the ATO website may assist.

The ATO likes to receive as much tax as possible but fortunately there are strategies that can assist to optimise your tax obligations.

If you are planning to sell a residential property, it always pays to plan ahead and seek appropriate advice.


Is It Fair That High Superannuation Fees and Commissions Mean You Have To Work Longer And Retire Later?

If you have an investment that was in place prior to 30 June 2013, it is highly likely that someone is still being paid a commission or other incentive payment. This could be considered a failure of the new superannuation commission laws.

The information via the link below might surprise you with a story of reasonably spectacular long term investment returns from share markets in the past. The trouble is that most investors never receive returns like these because of high fees, commissions and other incentive payments.

Click to access index_chart.pdf

Hot Tip. If you think your superannuation fees are too high, they probably are and you should seek assistance and do something about it.